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11 Feb 2019


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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 10 Feb 2012

Maybe we didn't notice, but the .exe file is one of any user's favorite file types. Mainly because it DOES something. We all feel better when we have do deal with a .exe type archive, but how about a .exe website? This is what HTML Executable is here to do.

17 Mb may be a bit too much for a slow Internet connection, but it's a smooth sailing once it's done. The Installation package doesn't create any problems with installing toolbars or additional stuff. It just asks you where to install it and that's it.

The program acts more like a wizard but it lets you take your time and navigate through an interface to make all kinds of settings on the way. Its goal is to convert HTML or PDF files in .exe ones which you can access via the program itself. It will create a browser window from which you can view the targeted information. During setup, you can choose from a broad range of options regarding the browser, like its skin, its behavior, security and many others.

As far as the interface goes, HTML Executable is really friendly. Not just in a "no labyrinth of menus" kind of way. It will help you and give you tips every step on the way in case you're not sure what to do. Right from the starting page, before you click for a new project, you'll find a few helping links on getting started with the program. After targeting your HTML files, it will ask you to choose from three types of publications: a web browser, a built-in HTML publication or a self extracting one. If all these don't make much sense, you can click "help me choose" and the program will ask you a few simple questions like if your website requires to access remote websites or online resources or if it uses Java script. Based on your answers, the program will make the choice for you.

A possible design flaw involves the final button you need to click. You may find yourself stumbling around the interface looking for it. Here's a helping hand: it's a small one in the upper left corner, right next to the save button. Click it and your .exe web page will be ready. Then you can access it either from a windows explorer window or via the program's interface. You need to keep a close eye on the options offered by HTML Executable or how exactly the web pages are organized. If you don't pay attention to all these, the final product may not work quite well and you might need to start the process all over again if you miss to save your project.


Converting any HTML or PDF files to a single .exe file can be more useful than you think. It's done with little effort and the interface is designed to really help you on the way.


The "compile your publication" button is hard to spot. You'd normally expect a big shiny one just waiting to be clicked, but there's no such thing. An important function like this has been left somewhere in a corner like any other basic one. If you need to show someone your web site and you want to transport it, forget about the large number of files. HTML executable compresses them all so that you can transport just one, single .exe file.

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